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TOP 5 products about which we are mistaken

ТОП-5 продуктов, по поводу которых мы заблуждаемсяNot all products that are considered to be harmful, in fact these are

Scientist and nutritionist Diana Herrington identified five ‘ bad ‘ foods that are actually useful. In the quest to lead a healthy lifestyle or to lose weight we often refuse a number of products, not knowing that they deprive themselves of nutrients. Not all products that are considered to be harmful, actually are such.

1. Potatoes
Many people believe that potatoes are harmful due to the high content of starch, but scientists believe otherwise. Potatoes contain many beneficial micronutrients, such as vitamin C, vitamins B6, B2 and B3, potassium and others. Starch refers to complex carbohydrates, and therefore keeps the feeling of satiety and does not cause sugar spikes. Moreover, the potato is useful for digestive disorders. Of course, the more useful is boiled, stewed or baked potatoes, but not fried.

2.White rice
Choosing between white and brown rice, very often the choice falls on brown because of its diversity of vitamins and minerals. On the one hand, it is true, but brown rice contains substances that hinder the absorption of nutrients. White rice is easier to digest and contains complex carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and variety of minerals. The harm of rice may occur only when it is abuse.

3. Pasta
Pasta is often regarded as the enemy of the good figures, but recent studies show that it can be part of a healthy balanced diet. We are talking about pasta from durum wheat. They contain the required amount of carbohydrates that energize the body with energy, but also nutrients and fiber. A recent study by Italian scientists even showed that pasta contain beta-glucan, which strengthens heart vessels.

4. Eggs
Fans of healthy food is very often removed from the menu eggs because of the cholesterol, fats and possible Salmonella. However, eggs are the leaders in content of protein, amino acids leucine and choline, which regulates insulin levels and improves your metabolism. Moreover, they permanently retain a feeling of satiety. As for cholesterol, it really is present in eggs, however, he compensated for through micronutrient and does not have the potential to adversely affect the body.

5. Red meat
Red meat is one of the most harmful products, because it can cause cancer, heart problems and increases the risk of mortality. Actually red meat is not so terrible, as many believe. Fresh beef, lamb or pork – a source of iron, protein, vitamins and Pantothenic acid which helps prevent arthritis and heart disease. The main thing is to buy fresh meat and to cook. Harm can be semi-finished products, sausage and sausage.

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