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This popular drink is strictly forbidden in the cold

Этот популярный напиток категорически запрещен при простудеWhy hot tea with lemon can be harmful.

Hot tea with lemon is considered to be a reliable home remedy treatment for those who have a cold. But physicians have included it in the list of drinks, from the use of which with a cold should be to abstain.

Why a cold should not drink tea with lemon.

According to experts, although the citrus fruits and contains valuable vitamin C, they contain many acids, which bacteria and viruses become active and more resistant to the immune system. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

As for the hot drink, scientists say: the tradition of drinking hot drinks in the cold, long and popular, but completely wrong.

“Many start drinking hot tea because in their childhood did their mother or grandmother. But it is better to abandon this method of treatment, especially when pain in the throat. A hot drink is annoying and burns the already diseased mucous – for a weak body is only is unnecessary extra load. Even if you feel some relief, soon will come the deterioration,” explained the doctors its position in this matter.

They said that the good doctor during a cold recommend to drink not hot and not sour drinks — and more mineral alkaline water.

Also, a cold experts advised not to resort to such means as a tea with raspberry, especially if it is taken aspirin. Raspberry itself contains salicylic acid, and in large quantities, can worsen the health of people prone to diseases of the heart and blood vessels, as it plays in the body, the role of coagulant, that is, thins the blood and increases the risk of internal bleeding.

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