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This diet, despite its richness, will help you to lose 10 kg

Эта диета, несмотря на свою сытность, поможет сбросить 10 кг Diet without harm to health.

Loss of about 10 pounds without any harm to health.

This diet is perfect for those people who suffer from the effects of excess weight — ischemia, hypertension, hormonal disorders, tachycardia, diseases of the liver and kidneys. It allows you to normalize weight, not exacerbating the condition of the body that is experiencing disease, and may suffer from other diets, informs

There is only one option of the daily menu and the main advantage is celery. This plant contains many nutrients and minerals (vitamins A, C, K, folic acid, sodium, potassium, copper, iron, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, phosphorus), provides cancer prevention, lowers blood pressure, strengthens the joints, controls cholesterol levels, calms the nerves, slows aging and strengthens eyesight, has antiseptic properties.

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For the purposes of weight loss celery is useful for its high content of fiber, it provides satiety and prevents overeating.

Diet menu for the day:

Breakfast: warm milk with 1 tbsp. of honey
Lunch: slice of rye bread with celery leaves
Lunch: veggie soup, salad with beets and celery, boiled beef (150 g)
Snack: tomato, rye toast
Dinner: a Cup of yogurt, a slice of brown bread, leaves of celery.

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A day drink at least 5 cups of drinking water. Can diversify your menu, using meat poultry, and lean fish, fermented baked milk and natural yogurt, the roots and stalks of celery.

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