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Therapeutic yoga: 3 easy exercises for back

Лечебная йога: 3 простых упражнений для спины The exercises are fairly simple and are suitable for home workout.

Many began to practice yoga because of back pain, as a regular practice can ease a painful condition for many problems with the spine.

Who today is not back pain? Perhaps such units. Because sedentary work, sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical education always has a negative impact on the spine.

To forget about the pain in the back, every day do three simple exercises from yoga.

“The tree pose”
Tree pose stretches the spine, gently strengthening his muscles. To perform the posture:

– stand up straight, feet together, straighten your spine, pull the head upward to the sky;

– on the exhale, take your right foot and gently put her on the inner thigh, as close to the groin;

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-straighten up and touch hands above the head, at the same time as pulling the spine.

Important: to keep the balance, look at one spot in front of him. If this is hard for you to do, do asana, leaning on the wall.

Stay in the pose for 10-15 seconds.

Pose “Dog muzzle down”
This exercise perfectly removes tension and fatigue in the spine at the end of the day. To run it:

– kneel, hands on the floor, under the shoulders;

– on the exhale, raise the hands up, knees straight, feet trying to completely get down on the floor;

– the spine should be perfectly smooth, stretch every inch of him during the execution position.

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Important: in this exercise, the most important thing – even back. Therefore, if you find it hard to keep the knees smooth, slightly bend them, focusing on a flat back.

Stay in the pose for 10-15 seconds.

“Cobra pose”
Pose “Cobra” strengthens the loin muscles, which are the most vulnerable. To perform the exercise:

– lie on your stomach with legs shoulder-width apart, hands near the shoulders;

– strained muscles of the thighs and buttocks;

– exhale slowly climb up, leaning on his hands;

– when arms are fully straight, tilt your head back.

Stay in the pose for 10-15 seconds.

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