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The truth about antibacterial soap: what more benefit or harm

Правда про антибактериальное мыло: чего больше, пользы или вредаOne of the most common detergent is an antibacterial soap.

Currently, it is increasingly common soap, cleaning products, personal hygiene products and even sponges containing substances, which destroy bacteria.

However, whether the frequent and widespread application of such means? - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Long for ablution and purification of the body used hot water and soap. Sometimes water is added decoctions of herbs. It is known that the soap dissolves the grease, washes away the skin surface dirt and bacteria build-up and herbs help in healing minor injuries. Modern means, unlike ordinary Soaps contain antimicrobial components such as triclosan, which not only wash away from skin microorganisms. These substances break down the cell wall of bacteria, destroying them, rendering them unviable. But after the water treatment with the use of antibacterial soap, a certain number of microorganisms on the surface of the skin still remains.

This is the main problem. Bacteria that remained after treatment antimicrobial agent, begin to improve your defense mechanism, with each generation increasing their resistance (i.e., resistance). At some point, the population of micro-organisms simply will not respond to exposure to antibacterial substances. Thus under the action of the antimicrobial substances is carried out by selection of the most resistant strains of bacteria. Scientists have proven that bacteria, which were long exposed to triclosan, begin to mutate, their immunity to several antibiotics is increasing. So, for example, happened with the antibiotic isoniazid, used for tuberculosis.

Thus, to get involved in the use of antibacterial Soaps and other hygiene products that contain triclosan, not worth it. The use of such Soaps can be justified only in exceptional cases, when for example, you or your child had prolonged contact with animals or soil. Enough to wash your hands in this soap. On the human skin is present in the lipid layer, which is a good environment for the habitat of bacteria, related person. Therefore, a certain number of microorganisms are always in the skin, which not only helps to regulate its Ph, but maintains the natural skin resistance to bacteria.

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