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The ten most useful products for your nervous system

Десять самых полезных продуктов для вашей нервной системыIt is a natural antidepressant.

Scientists have made a list of foods that will help to calm the nervous system.

It is important to know what to use these products need 4-5 meals in small quantities.

1. Bananas

Value: contains protein, iodine, magnesium, vitamins C and PP.

From what help? The banana is a great source of happiness hormone serotonin. This fruit will relieve your irritability. Also a banana helps you sleep.

2. Cocoa

Value: a rich source of magnesium, contains the drug theobromine.

From what help? This alkaloid will help restore your reserves of strength. Thanks to magnesium, cacao will help to relieve irritation and also to concentrate on work.

3. Beets

Value: it contains substances such as magnesium, potassium, vitamins C and group B.

From what help? It helps to concentrate. Positively affects the brain.

4. Legumes

Value: legumes are an essential source of zinc, phosphorus and vitamin N.

From what help? Regulate the nervous system, help your body to overcome depression.

5. Potatoes

Value: these vegetables contain large amounts of protein.

From what help? Helps to regulate heart rhythm, eliminates the headache that was triggered by stress, is a great sedative.

6. Nuts

Value: they contain lanolin fatty acid, selenium, magnesium, sulfur and phosphorus.

From what help? Boost the appetite, improve concentration.

7. Bell pepper

Value: contains large amounts of vitamin C.

From what help? Helps to overcome stress, adds strength.

8. Buckwheat

Value: has substances such as copper, silicon, phosphorus, b vitamins.

From what help? Helps to calm the nervous system, improves mood and regulates the gastro-intestinal tract.

9. Marine fish

Value: contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids and valuable omega-3 acids.

From what help? Positively affects the nervous system. To cope with the depression.

10. Poultry

Value: b vitamins

From what help? The vitamins in this group help to develop the body’s natural antidepressant.

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