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The smallest dog in the world cloned in the 49th time

Самую маленькую собаку в мире клонировали в 49-й раз  At birth, Milly weighed less than 28 grams.

Dog breed Chihuahua named Miracle Milly (Milly Miracle) cloned in the 49th time.

The experts are engaged in the cloning of six-year-old animal in an attempt to understand why it is so petite.

At birth, Milly weighed less than 28 grams and fit in a teaspoon. The veterinarians felt that the newborn pet will not survive.

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However, the owner of the puppy, an American Vanessa Semler (Vanesa Semler), feeding the puppy every two hours with an eye dropper and was able to get it.

In 2012, Miracle Milly brought it into the Guinness Book of records as the smallest dog in the world. The animal reaches a height of about 10 inches and weighs 400 grams. 12 clones Millie live at house of Semler. Their names are Molly, mally, Mellie, Molly, Mumu, Mila, Mary, Mimi, Moni, Mini, Chalk and Mulan.

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