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What Biden’s ‘new world order’ really means

We all have that one friend who can’t stop arranging things – whether it’s matchmaking, dinner parties, or vacation itineraries programmed down to the minute. They just can’t kick back and take things in stride. The world has to revolve around them, on their time and terms. The US has been …

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Palestine asks world to stop ‘genocide’

Palestinian officials have called on the nations of the world to step in and prevent the “deliberate genocide” of their people by Israel after hundreds were killed in what appeared to be the bombing of a hospital in Gaza. “The hospital massacre cannot be tolerated by sensibility or the morals …

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The Old World Order is over – Blinken

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has claimed that the world is transitioning to a new diplomatic order in which Washington must lead the way in overcoming increasing threats from Russia and China by working with its allies to build trust among nations for whom the old system failed. “One …

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‘Using nuclear war to save the world is like using a guillotine for a headache’: Russian experts respond to call for atomic strike

Professor Sergey Karaganov’s “Tough-but-necessary decision” article – which claims that by using its nuclear weapons, Russia could save humanity from a global catastrophe – has provoked plenty of reaction domestically. Some saw it only as the private opinion of a political scientist. Others pointed out that Karaganov is no stranger to …

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Lavrov at UN: Western minority’s place in multilateral world

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov chaired Monday’s session of the UN Security Council, dedicated to “effective multilateralism.” In his opening remarks, he outlined the nature of the current conflict, which he said was really between the UN Charter and the “rules-based order” of the collective West. Lavrov also noted that …

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