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The smallest dog in the world cloned in the 49th time

At birth, Milly weighed less than 28 grams. Dog breed Chihuahua named Miracle Milly (Milly Miracle) cloned in the 49th time. The experts are engaged in the cloning of six-year-old animal in an attempt to understand why it is so petite. At birth, Milly weighed less than 28 grams and …

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In China again cloned Nokia 3310

On the days all over the world and in Russia started selling the new Nokia cell phone 3310. In civilized countries he asked for 50 euros and in Russia its price is exactly 4000 rubles, and it’s pretty obvious that it is overpriced by at least a third. Moneymove Chinese …

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Scientists for the first time in history cloned camel

Scientists from the Center for reproductive biotechnology in Dubai, UAE, for the first time in history cloned Bactrian camel. The researchers described their achievement as significant as it would help save endangered species. Genetics at both the interspecific nuclear transfer cells could create a baby camel that was born from …

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The new Nokia 3310 is already cloned in China

The Chinese for many years have a weakness for phones and Nokia smartphones and at the first opportunity to clone them, producing copies, sometimes even very good. Today, for example, in sale of fake cell phone Nokia 3310 sample of 2017, although the original unit has not yet appeared in …

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Bluboo cloned Xiaomi Mi Mix and released the smartphone S1

The Chinese company Bluboo remembered where it started mobile phone manufacturers in the country, and has released a smartphone S1. It is a clone of clean water, only copied it from another Chinese phone, Xiaomi Mi Mix, which is not haunted by any manufacturer of portable means of communication. Yes, …

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