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The scientists said, what threatens the Earth a giant asteroid Florence

Ученые рассказали, чем угрожает Земле гигантский астероид FlorenceA giant asteroid dangerously close to the Blue planet on 1 September.

The astronomer ran reported the threats subsequent to the convergence of a huge asteroid with the Earth.

Head of the Department of physics and evolution of stars of Institute of astronomy of the RAS Dmitry Wiebe explained that the approach of Florence, the largest asteroid in the entire history of space research and observations, it is fraught with the third planet from the Sun more closely and not always safe contact with the celestial objects in the future.

It is likely that the passage of space objects will grow in direct contact with the earth’s surface. Vibe said that the real danger from the asteroid will come only when a collision with the planet. While the next few hundred years “very well researched” Florence will not be Land serious threats.

Previously it was reported that an asteroid with a diameter of 4.4 kilometres will fly by at a distance of seven million miles from Earth. The next close approach of this asteroid should be expected only after 500 years.

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