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Scientists say they found dinosaur ‘killed’ by asteroid

Paleontologists in the US may have discovered the remains of a Thescelosaurus killed at the moment of impact when an Everest-sized asteroid struck the earth and caused the extinction of dinosaurs. It was discovered at the Tanis site in southwestern North Dakota, which researchers believe holds a detailed record of …

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2022 will start with a bus-sized asteroid approaching Earth

According to the US space agency, Asteroid 2014 YE15, first discovered in 2014, will approach Earth at a distance of around 7,400,000km on January 6. As NASA considers objects larger than 150 meters and which approach Earth within a distance of 7.5 million kilometers to be ‘potentially hazardous’, the seven-meter-wide …

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‘Hazardous’ asteroid to enter Earth’s orbit next week

Asteroid 4660 Nereus is expected to enter Earth’s orbit on December 11, coming closer to our planet than ever before. But there is no reason for panic, Boris Shustov, who heads the Institute of Astronomy at the Russian Academy of Sciences, said. “The asteroid will pass some 4.6 million miles …

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NASA craft to crash into asteroid for Earth-defense test

Aiming to find out whether it’s possible to protect Earth from a potentially hazardous space object, NASA is sending a spacecraft to try and change an asteroid’s path by crashing it into the speeding rock. Called the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART), the mission — worth $330 million — is …

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