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The main mistakes of the summer skin care

Основные ошибки летнего ухода за кожейSome girls believe that when caring for the skin, it is sufficient to use the cream, and occasionally apply a mask.

Forgot to apply the SPF cream, made peeling or missed make-up remover? Congratulations! You have committed a blunder for the care of face in summer (and not only in the summer). Don’t do that! And read our helpful tips.

Girls are girls – in pursuit of a beautiful tanned skin we love to relax on the beach a little longer line, rush to do the peeling right in front of the sunbathing, after a hot summer party fall asleep with a thick layer of makeup on her face. But this is all known taboos.

What else you should not do this summer, if you want to have healthy and beautiful skin?

Ignore SPF
Write about it in all the articles about the rules of stay in the sun, but we still recall. Sunscreen is a must even for those who spend summer in the city, not to mention those who like a beach tan.

Resting on the water, remember: cream with a high SPF (at least 30, better 50) needs to be updated every couple of hours or every time after bathing. But in cloudy weather or in urban environments use of protection of at least SPF 15.

If you do not follow these tips, you can quickly scorch, to earn a peeling, redness, age spots and more serious skin problems, up to melanoma.

To neglect moisturizers
Some holders of oily skin and prefer a moisturizer means of drying lotions and cleansers are soap-based. This is a common mistake may be the reason that dry skin will start producing even more sebum, that is sebum.

Fortunately, now on sale, you can easily find tools that are quickly absorbed, leaving no sense of stickiness and any discomfort even prone to greasy skin.

Select a rude ways to clean leather
The question now is about the various scrubs and peels that we all love so much. The problem is that too intensive cleaning during summer breaks skin barrier. Tools with abrasive particles make the skin more vulnerable to sunlight.

Moreover, the epidermis tries to compensate for inflicted damage and reacts by enhanced production of fat, with the result that we get even more unpleasant Shine.

Makeup remover, use mild, gentle products that will provide optimum hydration. Give preference to products that contain soothing ingredients for delicate care.

Not thoroughly clean the skin
“Negoatiate” skin in the summer – not less harmful than “periodising”. Even the most light and “weightless” makeup tends to block pores, and it contains pigments – not the best friends of the epidermis. This is especially true around the eye area that suffers from particles of mascara and shadow lag into the skin and altering its natural color.

And don’t forget, after applying to the face cleansing product must be well to wash my face with cool water to completely wash away particles means make-up remover.

Hope that the sun “dried” pimples
Many girls strongly believe in the magical effect of the sun on some defects of the skin. They proudly substitute your pimples under direct sunlight, hoping for a magic effect. This often leads to the opposite result: the sun really dries the skin, but thus provoke the production of a double portion of sebum. In the end we have dehydrated, dull and irritated skin with increased separation of fat. Not that you wanted, right?

So once again remember this sacred rule: in hot weather high-quality moisturizer and sunscreen is your all. Amen.

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