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The experts explained how to cope with cellulite at different stages

Эксперты объяснили, как справиться с целлюлитом на разных стадияхCellulite is a problem faced by almost every woman, and they all want to get rid of it.

We learned all about this problem, and I hasten to share with you.Effective fight against cellulite is possible only when you correctly define its stage. We decided to talk about it with medical experts and learn how you can identify the “neglect” case and how to treat the “orange peel”.

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The first stage is characterized by some tension,swelling of the tissues due to fluid retention. Visually, the skin is smooth, without pronounced vascular pattern. Back to normal at this stage can be quite fast in the correction of hormonal, physical activity, normalization of the diet. In principle,a stretch, we can say that many women in this stage can be called “physiological norm”.


In the first stage of the “orange peel” you still do not need special procedures. Cope home remedies: creams, massage, special sponge. You must remember that proper nutrition, adherence of water-salt balance (infamous 2 litres of water a day!) and regular physical exercise do work, cellulite will be gone in a couple of months of this way of life!

Can also use anti-cellulite cream. It should be noted that components which are part of such means does not penetrate into deep layers of the skin. They only work on the surface. What can we achieve with them? To improve skin tone, increase skin elasticity and hydration. If you combine these products with a professional massage,it is possible to achieve penetration of certain ingredients a little deeper, and hence the cellulite will be more effective.


The second stage of cellulite is formed due to the fact that the drainage system (venous and lymphatic) do not have time to withdraw excess fluid from the body. The interstitial pressure increases, venous and lymphatic capillaries are compressed, which leads to disruption of transport of nutrients to skin cells and podkopayevoy fiber. As a result of acidification of the tissues and lack of oxygen structure of interstitial fluid changes, it becomes gel-like or jelly-like, connective tissue grows,and when picking up the skin in the crease we see lumpy skin, the “orange” peel.


First, do not panic: the second stage is treatable quite easily. For these purposes, can be used cosmetics, massage (especially lymphatic drainage), pressotherapy and other hardware techniques.

I would recommend:

Wet wraps based cosmetics with seaweed
Vacuum roller massage apparatus of STARVAC (Starvac)
Pressotherapy is a lymphatic drainage massage.

The third stage stage is formed with the progression of the second stage, the swelling increases,the fatty tissue extends. There are areas of the skin with a lowered temperature as a result of violation of microcirculation, roughness, roughness of the skin is clearly visible, pronounced venous pattern. At this stage you will need serious hardware methods of influence,so as to remove overgrown knots is very difficult.


At this stage, in addition to the above proposed methods (second stage) you can also make the procedure myostimulation, for example, Bodyter. During the procedure, problem areas are superimposed electrodes, under the action of light electric current starts the process of lipolysis inside the cell (felt as a slight tingling). Fats come from cells in the lymphatic channel, where the flow of lymph is delivered to muscles that are reduced under the influence of an electric current with a different frequency.In other words, the released fatty acids are then burned in the muscle. In fact, the procedure simulates the work of a man in the gym. In parallel, weak infrared heating, the patient loses lots of water. The volumes resulting from decreasing so fast. Over 8 sessions you can lose up to 10-15 cm, the procedure course, it is recommended to do it 2 times a week 8-10 times.


We are almost 100% sure that you are not concerned, but for the overall development will still tell!

So, the fourth stage is characterized by significant swelling of the tissues, a pronounced local decrease in temperature of the skin, hypersensitivity and soreness, palpable and visible nodules larger fat cells. Skin can have a pale bluish hue. In particularly serious cases require surgical treatment.


Most often, such a “running” stage of cellulite liposuction is recommended. This is a serious surgical intervention which need to be approached with the utmost seriousness.Igor Ganshin
plastic surgeon Professor plastic surgery Department at PFUR

Earlier it was not possible to completely eliminate cellulite at stage 3-4 with the help of liposuction. There were no instruments that would allow to approach close to the skin and work in the upper layers podkopayevoy fiber. Now such devices are,in particular ultrasound Vaser.

If a woman is full, it is possible to combine liposuction and correction of cellulite. However, I still advise most of their patients first lose weight until weight stabilization. After you schedule the surgery.

Before ultrasonic liposuction need to be tested for infection (vis, hepatitis and syphilis), General blood and urine analysis, ECG. The surgery itself is performed under local anesthesia. If considering a large area, add venous anesthesia. After the surgery you can immediately go home, and you can stay the night under observation in hospital.

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