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The expert spoke about the future of internal combustion engines

Эксперт рассказал о будущем двигателей внутреннего сгоранияAs it turned out, now began the final phase of use of engines of the aircraft.

The Economist magazine predicts the demise of internal combustion engines, at least those used to move on land. This process boosts lower prices for batteries and increase their capacity and automakers are quickly investing in new vehicles so as not to be left out.

In December 1894, the first in the world race motorized vehicles Paris — Rouen, to which applied 102 contender for steam, diesel, electric, hydraulic and other machinery. Only 21 of them qualified for the 125-kilometer race. The clear winner was the internal combustion engine. Thus began his era, which lasted the whole XX century.

But the days of ice are numbered. Rapid progress in battery technology marks the beginning of the era of electric vehicles. In 1894 in Paris, none of the cars with electric motor will not come down even before the start, in part because they needed to replace the batteries every 30 km of Today’s electric cars for lithium-ion batteries cope much better, writes the Economist. Mileage Chevrolet Bolt on a single charge is 383 km. the Owner of a Tesla recently drove the Model S over 1000 km without recharging. The Bank UBS estimated that the total cost of ownership of EVS will be equal to petrol next year, while the percentage of sales of electric cars in 2025 is 14% of the total number (now 1%).

Electrification undermined the foundations of the once mighty industry of internal combustion engines. Compared to petrol and diesel cars to electric is much easier to manufacture and are composed of fewer components. This means that their production requires less people and less vendors. Workers at car factories that do not produce electric cars, worried that they will cut. Expensive brands may resist because of their style and experience, but the budget models will have to compete with electric cars is price.

Cars electric vehicles offer huge advantages in terms of environmental friendliness. Replacement batteries are more efficient than burning fuel in certain engines. Existing electric cars reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 54% compared to DVS, and this figure will grow when they become more efficient.

The advent of air electric vehicle will have to wait longer, according to experts, planes on electricity will become a reality not earlier than in 30 years when the breakthrough technology that takes into account important for aircraft weight factor of batteries.

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