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The future for pipes of ductile cast iron with nodular graphite

The technological revolution of the twentieth century was not spared and the topic of new materials for pipes. To the well-known iron, steel, clay and wood were added to polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), fiberglass (SP), asbestos cement, etc.   It is precisely the variety of polymer pipe …

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About the way of the future and the present

    The situation in our city, both economically and socially not much different from what happens in the whole country. So in conversations between them during random encounters or away, raised exactly the same, which is an eternal questions: “what is around”; “how is it to understand”; “what are …

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Where will be moving to the past or to the future?

There is no perfection in the world. Everything flows, as noted by one observant friend, everything changes. Take, for example, yourself. Living like this, interested in news as much as react to their surroundings, comment on different social and political events feel like they say in the trend. But sometimes …

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Hydrogen car: the Future is near

10 years ago in the seventh episode of the season 12 Top Gear (then he led the Clarkson, Hammond and may) James may tested the electric car — the Honda Clarity. Then came an article by Jeremy Clarkson in which he talked about the fact that this story has not …

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Declassified unusual feature for future iPhone

Apple is preparing a useful bonus. Apple was the first on the market of modern mobile technologies, which decided to completely abandon the use of wired headphones and other audio accessories for their iPhone. But despite this, still in the field of Bluetooth-connected devices it continues to be quite controversial …

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Michelle Andrade spoke about the future wedding

According to the singer, relatives waiting for news about her marriage.Ukrainian singer Bolivian origin, Michelle Andrade talked about their plans for marriage and, in particular, about the preferences in the choice of bridesmaid dresses. About this Michelle said in an interview in “high life”. According to the singer, relatives waiting …

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