Tuesday , October 20 2020
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Rich nations bought up half of Covid vaccine future supply, Oxfam says as Russia offers affordable options to developing countries

Nearly two-thirds of the world’s population could be left without access to a Covid-19 vaccine for the near future, a major non-profit charity group warned in a damning statement. It blamed the grim forecast on pharmaceutical corporations’ desire to “protect their monopolies” and sell the life-saving vaccines to the “highest …

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All that is left, will be “cleaned” in the near future

In recent weeks, in the most widely read telegram channels began to multiply posts, whose authors talk about the “decadence” of the existing regime in Russia. Protests in Khabarovsk, the crisis of the authoritarian model in Belarus, economic problems, corruption, pandemics — all this is mentioned as evidence of the …

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Russian weapons of the future are already being tested

In the Russian defense industry reported new successes in work on prototypes of the latest electromagnetic guns. Now they can shoot 10 times farther, almost instantly hitting targets both on the ground and in the air – a real “weapons of the future”. Range of defeat of the Russian electromagnetic …

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CETAN- service of the future

CETAN crypto banking continues to gain popularity in the world, providing users with many advantages. The service is perfect for solving problems in the business sector. This is largely facilitated by a well-thought-out currency exchange scheme to the smallest detail. The transfer has no borders, which can not but attract …

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