Saturday , September 25 2021
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Elon Musk spoke about the “pros” of chipping people

The chipping has benefits. So says Tesla CEO Elon Musk, his statement was published in Twitter account LADbible . According to the Mask, with the help of this technology you can control the production of various hormones, e.g., oxytocin and serotonin, reducing stress levels in humans. The chip will also …

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In Sochi detained spoke against the amendments to the Constitution of the elderly picketers

In Sochi, two elderly women detained by police for holding pickets. As the correspondent of “Rosbalt” the eyewitness of events, the editor of video channel “Sochi municipality” Anna Kolmogortseva, pensioners accused of committing an administrative offense. According to Anna Kolmogortseva, 62-year-old Galina Lazorska on Monday came to the administration building …

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A former employee of Malysheva spoke about the work under her supervision

Former editor of the program Elena Malysheva Rustam ulbarisov said in Facebook about working under her supervision. According to him, leading to severely maltreat subordinates, providing emotional pressure: for example publicly dismantle their health problems at the meetings. “She’s not foul language and is not directly insulting, but her humiliation …

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