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How to buy cheap car title as collateral at the pawnshop

Как дешево купить автомобиль с ПТС в залоге у автоломбарда

In the pawnshop can not only obtain the loan secured by the vehicle, but also profitable to buy a car which is the collateral. Make it simple: you need to choose a reliable pawnshop to inspect the car, check the documents and sign a contract. Usually it takes up to one day. But do not hurry, because the procedure of purchase of collateral has its own characteristics, which need to know. And better before you sign the purchase documents.

Как дешево купить автомобиль с ПТС в залоге у автоломбарда - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Take precautions:

  • Do not buy cars if the car encumbered. Auto sales may be made only with the consent of the microfinance organization. Mandatory contract for the sale of the car, which spells out the conditions.
  • Before buying, make sure that the car is in good technical condition. After signing the contract, it will be difficult to prove that you sold a faulty vehicle.
  • Carefully check the MFI. When choosing the pawnshop to buy mortgage car follow the reviews on the Internet. Make sure that the services are provided legally. Just go to the website of the Central Bank and verify the organization in the registry by name or details.


How to buy a car as collateral

In the pawnshop can buy a nice cars worth up to 1 million rubles, in rare cases, submitted by the special technique. Usually lenders arrange auctions in which you participate. As a rule, the price of cars by about 20-30% lower than the offers on the market. Because of this on cars in the pawnshop in great demand.

Buying a car at auction is carried out in a standard way: the lender sets the minimum price, then the bidding starts. Who will offer more – will become the happy owner of a transport. On the technical side, it looks like this: you send a request for the purchase of the car of the former in the mortgage stating the amount you are willing to pay. As soon as the auction ends, the pawnshop registers all applications and selects the best offer. The auction may last from several hours to several days, depending on enterprise policy.

The participants are exceptionally good cars, bought on credit or were collateral for the loan. Before the sale is inspection of the vehicle, if necessary, is carried out pre-sale preparation.

Terms of sale vehicles title pawn

Buying a car mortgage is very beneficial for the new owner, but you need to consider the features of this procedure. To buy a car in the pledge from the hands of the owner of the vehicle, it is necessary to carry out the transaction in the office of the microfinance company to eliminate the risks. Acquiring a car mortgage, you must be sure that the borrower will fulfill the obligations to the lender. If the debt is not repaid, the car will continue to be pledged, in the end, you may withdraw for non-payment of debt.

Given these characteristics it is better to protect yourself. Make sure that the owner on title repay the full amount of the debt and interest. Otherwise, the purchase of mortgage cars will result in serious problems.

If the sale of used cars is engaged in a pawnshop, you almost risk nothing.

Is an Agency contract with a registered MFI or a pawnshop, which details the conditions of purchase of the transport. You make money at the expense of the pawn shop that are going to close the debt. Within 3-5 days after the maturity of the car removed all encumbrances, then the buyer registers the car in the traffic police.

Purchase order auto loans

Consider how to buy a Deposit machines in the pawnshop:

  • Visit the pawnshop and talk to a Manager about purchasing a car very inexpensively. Some companies have a special Parking lot where you can examine transport for sale. Also you can search through the site, if this functionality is implemented.
  • Check the documents for the car, and check who is in the auto bail at the moment. The fastest way to order an extract via the VIN number of the car through a specialized service. The statement shows the identity of the owner by title, year, number of accidents and other important information that can help make the buying decision. Recommend not to buy the car with the duplicate title. By the way, the information about the encumbrances on the vehicle, you can find through the registry of the Federal notary chamber absolutely for free.
  • Carefully read the contract of sale. Typically, the document is accompanied by a detailed description of the car and the conditions.
  • Find a lawyer. Preferably, the transaction was attended by the notary. In this case, you will need to sign a tripartite agreement.


How to get the maximum benefit and minimize the risks

Use the various search channels for the purchase of collateral car, do not limit the thematic portals. It is important to find legal pawn shop, which legally provides credit services. Usually legitimate pawnshops are known in the market, they work more than 3-5 years, they have reviews on the Internet (not always positive).

Here are the services of the companies involved in the illegal sale of cars at an undervalue should be abandoned. Of course, you can save 50-100 thousand rubles, but in the end, this savings can result in costs. If the illegal MFI has not concluded with the borrower a formal contract of pledge, he can sue you in court and to return the car. But to return money from the “black” of the lender you are unlikely to succeed.

We recommend that you use only proven companies such as “Your Investor”. The activity of the ICC is completely legal, company listed in the register of MFIs and included in the SRO. All cars for sale – legally “clean”, have complete documents and in excellent condition!

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