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The earth will cover two magnetic storms

Землю накроют сразу две магнитные буриSmall and moderate magnetic storms will soon reach the Earth’s surface.

New magnetic storm with a new power will cover the Earth in the beginning of the week.

This was reported in the press service of the National oceanic and atmospheric administration NOAA. Small and moderate magnetic storms reach the Earth’s surface, on 24 and 25 October, respectively.

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Astronomers have determined the new borders of the milky Way
The scientists said that in outer space there are two dense flow of the solar wind that drive magnetic storms.

So, the second stream of solar wind will reach the Earth earlier in the week from 24 October. the strongest over the past 12 years, the surge in solar activity took place on 6-8 September: on the surface of celestial bodies have been several flashes of extreme brilliance in the face of the Earth was emitted by the coronal material.

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