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The early symptoms of pneumonia that cannot be ignored

Ранние симптомы пневмонии, которые нельзя игнорироватьAbout these symptoms of pneumonia everyone should know.

Pneumonia may have a viral and bacterial nature, but and in that and in other case the causative agents are pathogens. Inflamed lungs may every person, but more other this disease affects people with weakened immune systems, smokers, history of alcohol abuse, leading immoral lifestyle, living with HIV, diabetics and those who suffer from chronic respiratory diseases.

The first symptoms of pneumonia

Physicians are three forms of pneumonia, they have common and distinctive features:

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– in total pneumonia the patient almost immediately feels discomfort in breathing and can’t take a deep breath, as if the slightest physical activity he observed shortness of breath and pains in the sternum;

– when focal pneumonia from increased body temperature to 38-40 degrees and there is a dry cough;

– in lobar or croupous pneumonia is characterized by severe chills, high fever, chest pain and cough.

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Common symptoms of pneumonia:

– headache and fatigue;

– muscle pain and feeling of weakness;

– chills and a sharp rise in body temperature;

– dry cough, which develops in the wet with the separation of viscous purulent sputum.

The appearance of those or other signs of pneumonia should not delay visit to the doctor, and even better to immediately call an ambulance.

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