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The doctors told how to determine the shortage of water in the body

Врачи рассказали, как определить нехватку воды в организме Named the six main signs of dehydration.

Many ailments and disease States from which we are often in a hurry to get rid of the pills – in fact you can eliminate if you just drink enough water.

The doctors talked about what are the negative signs associated with the lack of water in the body.

Lethargy, fatigue, lack of tone

A reduced level of energy a person, constant fatigue and sleepiness are often caused by inadequate fluid intake. Those who drink little water, slows circulation, and with it the function of various internal organs.


As already mentioned, water scarcity contributes to thickening of the blood and inhibits its circulation in the body. This reduces the amount of oxygen reaching the brain, which causes painful symptoms.

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Increased appetite

Scientists say that with the feeling of hunger people often confuse the symptoms of lack of moisture in the cells. In many cases it will be useful, before to eat something, drink a glass of water. Passing after that hunger is a symptom of what in fact the human body needs water.

Dry eyes

Dry eye syndrome is not always caused due to operate the computer. Often the unpleasant symptoms with eyes – a symptom of the fact that a person drinks enough water, and he dries the lacrimal canaliculi.

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By drinking enough water the load on the heart increases due to the viscosity of the blood. Hence the unpleasant symptoms in the region of the heart.

Pain in the joints and back

If no injuries, diseases, and joints hurt, maybe it’s the lack of water.

Cartilaginous discs of a human consist of 80% water, and its deficit contributes to their friction against each other, causing pain.

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