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The doctors suggested, when is the best time to exercise for rapid weight loss

Медики подсказали, когда лучше всего тренироваться для быстрого похуденияDoing sports on an empty stomach, the person burns more fat.

In addition, such classes contribute to the acceleration of metabolism. All this has a positive effect on health. To such conclusion employees of University of Bath. Their study involved 60 obese men.

The first time the volunteers walked for 60 minutes on an empty stomach and the second within two hours after drinking high-calorie Breakfast rich in carbohydrates. The scientists took the participants blood fasting, after meals and after exercise. They also collected samples of adipose tissue before and after an hour walk. Experts have noticed the differences in gene expression in adipose tissue.

Thus, the expression of genes PDK4 and HSL was increased when people were doing on an empty stomach, and decreased if they trained after eating. The increase in the level of PDK4 expression, likely indicates that as fuel in the process of training uses fat, not carbohydrates derived from recently consumed food.

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And the level of expression of HSL usually increases when adipose tissue utilizes energy to maintain a high level of physical activity. Scientists came to the conclusion to train on an empty stomach useful.

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