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The doctors found the main factor affecting the relationship

Медики выяснили главный фактор, влияющий на отношения Published relevant research results.

Scientists have concluded that those who are jealous, trying to avoid divorce and strengthen relationships.

Scientists from the USA found that jealousy brings to a relationship benefit. During the research it was established which area of the brain the feeling of jealousy, and how it affects relationships.

Test subjects were a monogamous monkeys-jumpers. They choose their partners for life and defend their territory.

Monkeys-the males were divided into 2 groups. The first group was shown the cell in which females were playing with other primates, and the second group of foreign females to do the same thing with the other apes. At the same time, scientists scanned the brains of subjects and measured fluctuations in their hormonal levels.

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After the data processing it was found that males that have a feeling of jealousy, intensified area of the brain that is responsible for the emotional pain that occurs during the separation, loss or when alone. In addition, the active area of the brain responsible for emotional state and stress. This means that the feeling of jealousy is reinforced by the feeling of emotional pain from separation. Therefore, those who have such feelings, trying to avoid divorce and strengthen relationships.

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The research allowed scientists to understand why many people want a monogamous relationship. Also, it was concluded that jealousy arose in the process of evolution as a way to save par.

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