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The doctors explained why you should not eat in front of the TV

Медики объяснили, почему не стоит есть перед телевизоромAmerican scientists from the University of Minnesota found that eating in front of the television dangerous for the strength of the family and the health of its members.

The object of the research were 120 American families that had children from 6 to 12 years.

They were asked to remove 2 of the family dinner and tell you whether they liked the meals. Almost half of families (43%) eating in front of the TV. And just over 30% of families did not turn on the TV during family dinner.

As researchers found, the health of those American families that eat at the table together with family, better than those who eat in front of the TV.

The fact that blue-screen people are less watching what goes into the stomach. So therefore, eat more harmful foods and overeat.

And a dinner with the talk about how the day passed, unites the family, and sometimes works as a therapy (people can share experiences with family stress). Dinner in front of the TV, this effect will be.

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