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The doctors explained that in some cases it is useful to drink mineral water

Медики объяснили, в каких случаях полезно пить минеральную водуHealing mineral water can not be drunk as plain water.

The statement “water you need to drink a lot” is so entrenched in our minds that sometimes not drinking a glass of water, as a missed training, causing a slight feeling of guilt. But with drink as with food, you should stick to two rules: to comply with the measure and to obtain the maximum of useful substances.

Bottled drinking water quenches thirst, but “saturates”, i.e., does not satisfy the balance of minerals and salts (potassium, calcium, iodine, magnesium, sodium, iron, etc.) necessary for the operation of the immune and nervous systems, flexibility of muscles and skin, maintain bone density. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Sometimes it makes sense to make the body course “mineralization” ─ mineral water perfectly fills the shortage of essential trace elements.

However, mineral water is helping, but in that case, if drink it correctly. Drinking mineral water from time to time will not have a health effect: the body will simply not be able to get enough of the essential micronutrients.

But also a fanatical fascination with minerals is fraught, because the excess of trace elements leads inevitably to scarcity of others, and because of the imbalance of salts and minerals worsens the skin condition, weakens the immune system, the nervous system suffers. Stock, minerals received for a month of regular intake of mineral water, enough for 4-6 months, so it is recommended to repeat the drinking cure 2-3 times a year.

You should start not with the search of the “magic” water, and with the question “what is missing in my body?”. Only answering it, it is possible to determine which mineral water and how to drink.

Stress management

When the day is painted on minutes, a lot of work, and sleep not enough, you need to take care of the condition of the thyroid gland: the thyroid provides the body’s resistance to stress, regulates metabolism and the nervous system. Iodine deficiency – an important component of thyroid hormones – can compensate with drinking water containing iodine. Natural-iodized (important such a formulation, and not merely “enriched with iodine”) mineral water is extracted from sources in the Noginsk district (Moscow region) and Republic of Mari El. The highest concentration of this element observed in the waters of the spring Vincentka located in the Spa town of luhačovice (Czech Republic).

Groundwater is saturated with mineral substances, passing through several layers of rocks, therefore, the chemical composition and the usefulness of natural water! – defines the source from which it is extracted.

How to drink: a glass of mineral water 30 minutes before eating 3-4 times a day for 20 days. Before use, such water is better to heat in a water bath or dilute with warm milk.

Beautiful skin and healthy hair

Healthy nails, strong teeth, beautiful posture ─ is responsible for all this calcium. He is involved in the process of cell renewal of the epidermis, synthesis of collagen and elastin is a structural element of hair. If you want to maintain the natural beauty, you should drink mineral water with a high concentration of calcium (by the way, in the liquid form it is absorbed faster than tablets or food).

Choosing the mineral water, give preference to calcium and magnesium (remember that magnesium improves the absorption of calcium and positively affects the hormonal system) – example of Garinskogo mineral source (Amur region).

How to drink: one glass 3 times a day before meals during the month.

Slimming and cleansing

Fascination with fast food and fast food contribute to the accumulation in the body of toxins. To get rid of all unnecessary and harmful will help drinking brackish water. Detox programs can be arranged on the basis of Essentuki (Caucasus), Prolom voda (Serbia), or any other brand of table mineral water.

Before use, the clear mineral water of excess carbon dioxide: fill a glass, let it stand several hours at room temperature.

How to drink: half a Cup or a glass of mineral water before meals for 1-3 days (during this period you need to adhere to a balanced diet-there are frequent small portions). The procedure “mineral” detox can be repeated every 10 days.

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