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The doctors called all the pros and cons of vegetarianism

Врачи назвали все плюсы и минусы вегетарианства Giving up meat: what will change in the body.

To date, the majority of people who do not eat meat, do it consciously, following your inner promptings. They are all different, from the desire to become healthier by changing the diet to fashion to such a lifestyle. You must agree that in our time, not eating meat is more likely to be the exception, not the rule. So everyone who decided unwittingly become the “black sheep” among their more aggressive counterparts. But whatever the reasons are not prompted you to stop eating meat, the consequences of this decision for the body are the same for all, although in different degrees. Let’s see what will change in your body.

1. The body will receive less protein
Without a doubt, the meat can be called a real storehouse of protein. For the body is organic matter is extremely important, and the easiest way to get it is to consume meat products. However, it is worth noting that every single body has different protein needs. And contrary to widespread misconceptions about protein and meat, you have to understand that there are products that contain the same amount of the substance. For example, quinoa. Interestingly, some varieties contain over 20% protein. The question is not even whether you eat it every day or not. Because first you answer the question about what is this product, then learn that quinoa grows mainly on the slopes of the Andes in South America. Therefore, substituting this product will be difficult, if you are not local.

2. Less nutrients
In addition to protein, meat also contains a large number of other nutrients, and if you stop to eat, to replenish their stock often very difficult. Some of these substances are iron and b vitamins But the good news is there are special vitamin complexes and artificial additives. Experts advise to use them in anti-meat diet.

3. The weight will drop
Do you want to lose weight or not — if you stop eating meat, all the same it will lead to weight reduction. Beans, chicken and fish will not be able to give you a day the same amount of calories, and meat products. They are not so nutritious as it might seem at first glance.

4. The change of level of acidity
For health, it is important that the acidity was any less or more necessary for the organism level. Because the correct balance helps to create the body the ideal environment for effective disease resistance. And since red meat is one of the leading acid-forming foods, then the rejection of it is fraught with the deterioration of the body’s resistance.

5. Reduction stomach discomfort
Despite the obvious advantages of meat to keep the pH level, and he has one minus – it is digested slowly, and this in turn creates for the gastrointestinal tract obvious inconvenience. However, at the moment of transition to a non-meat diet, these inconveniences will be doubled because the body will have to deal with not so usual activities – processing of fiber in large quantities. But the effect is as if the deterioration is only on the first transition, and he soon disappears.

6. Your skin will be different
On the skin always reflected the problems of each of the organs of our body. Therefore, skin an unhealthy shade should be a clue, and it should not be ignored. Ceasing to eat meat, you really can change the skin condition for the better. The reason is that meat products are highly load the liver and kidney, and in his absence they will be much more efficient to handle filtering harmful elements. This means that will be less and toxins that affect the health of the skin.

Hope the information will help to make your life better, no matter what type of food – meat or not – you choose.

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