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The doctors called a products, especially useful in hypertension

Врачи назвали продукты, особенно полезные при гипертонииTo lower blood pressure should consume certain foods.

More and more people turn to doctors complaining of high blood pressure. Hypertension today has become one of the most popular, and suffer from it not only the elderly, but also young people.

Doctors say that hypertension can be combated without medication, only by changing the diet. They named a list of products, normalizing blood pressure and allowing the hypertensive patients to feel better:

Berries. All berries is enriched with useful nutrients and vitamins. They can be great to clean the blood vessels and reduce the level of cholesterol in them, due to which blood pressure stabiliziruemost.

Beet. The vegetable is useful for all people, because it improves the quality of blood and purifies the digestive tract and blood vessels. Eating beets regularly, you will make sure that your blood pressure was normal.

Bananas. This sweet and aromatic fruit contains a lot of potassium and more than any other product. Potassium helps to normalize blood pressure and at the same time cares about the health of the cardiovascular system.

Oatmeal. Porridge is a great source of fiber, which cleanses the blood vessels, and this of course assumes that arterial pressure is normal, if you eat it every day.

Sunflower seeds. They contain magnesium in large quantity, which is necessary for normal blood circulation and functionality of the vascular system.

Leafy greens. Any kind of leafy greens can contain a sufficient amount of potassium, which strengthens blood vessels and, accordingly, normalization of blood pressure.

Potatoes. This vegetable is rich in potassium and magnesium. These substances have a positive impact on the health of blood vessels and heart.

Include in your diet the above foods and your blood pressure is always normal. And yet all, without exception, high blood pressure, doctors are advised to monitor body mass and if it is redundant, it is necessary to do everything in order to lose weight, then a hypertensive illness.

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