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The doctor told me how to fill the body “protein of youth”

Врач рассказал, как насытить организм «белком молодости»How to stop age-related changes.

Collagen is called youth protein. The amount present in the skin depends on its tone, firmness, smoothness and elasticity.

Collagen is synthesized by special cells – fibroblasts. This synthesis occurs in the dermal layer. With age, our cells gradually lose their ability to produce collagen in sufficient quantities, and the skin loses its elasticity.

In addition to age-related changes, there are other factors that negatively affect collagen synthesis:
– dehydration;
– Smoking and alcohol abuse;
– ultraviolet light;
– constant stress and poor sleep;
– nutrition, poor protein products.

In addition, the abuse of sugar and sugar-containing products damage the collagen cords in the skin, and it ages faster. I

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Besides the skin, reduced collagen synthesis and suffer our joints.

Cream with collagen works only on the surface of the skin
Important: a cream with collagen works only on the surface of the skin, creating a protective film. To collagen is ingested, it needs to eat. However, this is not a fact, that eaten or drunk to get collagen into the skin or into joints. Collagen breaks down into amino acids, then the body itself collects from them what he needs, and the skin is not a priority.

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As we are unable to insure themselves to maintain adequate levels of collagen:
– eliminate or minimize risk factors;
– add in your diet foods rich in quality protein (white Turkey meat, seafood, fish), omega 3 (fish oil, Flaxseed oil), vitamin C, amino acids and zinc (legumes, meat, fish, nuts, buckwheat, apples);
– make the collagen optionally in the form of supplements (it is important to take on an empty stomach and not to combine the intake of collagen type 1 & 3 with taking collagen type 2).

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