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The causes of psychogenic infertility

Названы причины психогенного бесплодияOne of the main reasons why a couple cannot get pregnant can be stressful.

Quite often the couple has no problem with the reproductive system, but to get pregnant they can’t.

According to who statistics, in each country, about 10% of couples suffer from infertility.

In Ukraine 77% of cases of female infertility, the remainder being male. Psychotherapy argues that to conceive to prevent the psychological trauma. Psychotherapist Oleg Chaban said the main causes of infertility in women and men.

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Psychologists say that constant stress reduces the production of hormones responsible for a stable cycle.

Women are putting off planning for children because of the desire to build a career. They want to build their own career because they subconsciously don’t trust men.

Undermine confidence in the pair’s infidelity, pain, shouting, physical violence. Women might think that men don’t get too close.

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