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The best ways to “clean” your liver at home

Названы лучшие способы «очистки» печени в домашних условияхIt turns out that in house conditions it is possible to treat the liver and it does not harm your health.

The liver is one of the most important organs in the human body, because it takes care of all the stuff that enter along with food. It is no secret that liver accumulates toxins, which are very important time to get rid of. Of course, pharmacy drugs, with whom it is possible to “expel” toxic substances from the liver in the whole body, but they are not free, so not available to everyone.

Doctors say that the liver is cleaned of toxins can be at home without resorting to super-expensive tools. Need products that always have in your house: beets, onions, garlic, lemon, plain water, grapefruit, apples, turmeric, any greens, green tea and so on. The main rule is effective and, equally important, a natural cleansing the liver from toxins – is the refusal of alcoholic beverages, fatty, smoked, sweet food. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Consider how and in what product is possible to treat your liver, freeing it of toxins:

1. Water with lemon juice. Mix the juice of one lemon with plain water to 200 ml beaker was full. To drink this drink on an empty stomach for two to three weeks, but can be more, because of the harm it will bring. Lemon juice cleans the liver from toxins, stimulates the production of bile, improves intestinal function. Over time you will notice that you have improved skin condition, lined complexion, the hair become strong and shiny, accelerated metabolism, and so on.

2. Garlic. Experts recommend daily use of garlic at least in the amount of 2-3 cloves. It is known that garlic is a natural antibiotic, but in addition it contains substances with beneficial effects on the activity of the liver.

3. Beet. In whatever form you did not consume beets your liver say, “thank you!” figuratively speaking. In fact, fresh or cooked beets and beet juice can cleanse the liver of toxins, improve the work of this body and not only.

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