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The basic rules of food office workers

Основные правила питания офисных работниковAs not to undermine the health and do not grow stout, working in the office.

In pursuit of career is easy to forget about proper nutrition to acquire excess weight and lose their lightness. Published some helpful insights from the book “Working without the extra calories” for those who want to stay slim, despite a sedentary job.

In recent years, workflow has changed dramatically. Do not dwell on positive changes. What is more important: the representatives of many professions become to fat.

And it’s not that being fat is ugly and being thin is good. For a moment forget about bodypositive. Extra pounds in the future threaten the development of cardiovascular diseases, depression, diabetes, cancer.

How to avoid this risk? If very briefly, it is necessary to move more throughout the day and monitor what you eat. Dwell on the past. Here are a few rules that will help not to gain weight.

A proper Breakfast

Rule # 1. Don’t skip Breakfast

Often the first meal is simply not enough time. What all day does not let go a strong sense of hunger. Office workers deal with it in a standard way — unhealthy snacks from biscuits and chocolates. Don’t do that. It seems that not enough time? Get up 15 minutes early.

A healthy Breakfast will give you a lot more energy per working day than last seconds pseudon.

Rule # 2. Avoid high-calorie foods

You’ve heard the famous myth that for Breakfast you can eat whatever you want and in any quantity — the body in the morning works well, digest. But no. Even the first meal will not do you good if consists of high-calorie foods with a high content of sugars, fats and carbohydrates.

Filling my morning with donuts, bagels, muffins with frosting and cinnamon, you pave the way for the development of cardiovascular diseases, liver problems, diabetes and of course obesity.

Rule # 3. Be careful while eating outside the home

For those who do not want to cook in the morning, so on the way runs into a cafe or buying fast food. Coffee with additives and the cinnamon roll is 700 calories and 15 grams of fat. Don’t forget that on an average day you would need 2 000 kcal. Almost a third of the daily requirement you will gain this is more than Breakfast.

If you come to the cafe, prepare in advance: look at the menu and calories of your favorite dishes. Order those that will not affect your figure and at the same time will saturate.

Rule # 4. Eat balanced

There is no single correct recipe for Breakfast. A healthy Breakfast can be different every day. But try to include protein, fiber and vitamins to forget the feeling of hunger before lunch. Here are some possible options:

Eggs. Rich in protein, sate help to support the weight.

Cereals. Quick and easy Breakfast. Choose cereals without high sugar content, and follow the serving size (for example, use a measuring Cup).

Porridge. Good for the heart. Contain soluble fiber, which reduces cholesterol. Thus, the popular oatmeal, among other things, helps to control appetite and enhances satiety.

Yogurt. For those who do not have enough time. Choose low-fat yogurt or Greek in which two times more protein than usual.

Cheese. Source of calcium and protein.

Smoothies. Healthy substitute for sugary drinks. The composition of a smoothie can include fresh and frozen fruits, vegetables, tofu, nuts, almond milk and soy milk.

Water. The drink of Champions.

Tea. Healthier especially for the heart than coffee. Reduces the risk of hypertension.

The correct dinner

Rule # 1. Don’t go to business Lunches in the cafe

Statistics relentless. Scientists have discovered that those who go to lunch at cafes and restaurants consumed about 158 calories more than the norm. If you count these small figures in the year, including dinners, you will gain 5 pounds per year. Or watch how much you eat, or forget about business Lunches.

Rule # 2. Eat slowly

When you consume food quickly, your brain does not have time to receive the signal from the digestive system that you own. So at a fast pace, you will eat much more than you actually need.

Rule # 3. Not dine in the workplace

When you eat and at the same time, perform small tasks at work, you absorb the food very absently. This abstract nutrition leads to weight gain.

When you focus on sending emails, analysing information and writing reports, it is difficult to track how much you ate. As a result, you often overeat.

In addition, lunch in the workplace is unhygienic habit. The authors cite an interesting statistic from the University of Arizona: the desktop is about 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet.

Rule # 4. Take lunch with you

To eat right, a healthy lunch should be in your bag. It is a profitable occupation in several ways: you will be able to control the composition of the lunch, portion size and price.

Keep in mind that foods for lunch need to be selected such that they are not deteriorated over a couple of hours outside the refrigerator. Here are a few options:

Lean meat. Chicken without the skin, Turkey meat, or salmon.

Sources of protein and fiber.

The vegetables and fruits. Useful nutrients and no extra calories.

Wholesome sandwiches. Replace calorie-Laden buns to pita bread, stuff with low-fat tuna or chicken meat, add more fresh vegetables and hummus as a dressing.

Water. For variety, you can add a little lemon juice, a cucumber slice, a branch of mint or frozen berries.

A proper dinner

Rule # 1. Do not overeat

In the evening your chances of getting fat will not disappear. So be sure to monitor portion size. To make it easier to take care of myself, eat from a small plate.

The fruits and vegetables? About the size of a fist. Protein products? With the palm of the hand. Snacks? How many will fit on two hands, folded a boat. Foods with a high starch content? How much will fit into one palm. Cheese? A piece the size of your thumb.

Rule # 2. Turn off the TV

Concentration is needed not just at work. Use dinner time to leisurely enjoy the delicious meals and conversation with family. Here again it is important to avoid the unconscious eating: when you are distracted, you are less likely to overeat.

Rule # 3. Go easy on the alcohol

For many people, alcohol becomes a way to relax after a hard day’s work. An evening trip to the pub with colleagues has a negative impact on your weight for two reasons. First, the alcohol is very a lot of calories. Second, often the cocktails and beer are combined with unhealthy food.

For treats like French fries with cheese sauce and chili, chips, fried cheese sticks happy hour threatens to become miserable hours of bitter regret.

Rule # 4. Get ready for bed

In one experiment at the University of Pennsylvania was opened unpleasant pattern: the less you sleep, the more likely it is that you have extra weight.

This is partly due to the fact that while you are awake, you are more likely to bite. And it’s usually foods with high fat content. Due to heaviness in the stomach, sleep becomes more difficult. A vicious circle.

To achieve a good night’s sleep will help certain foods and drinks: warm milk, nuts and whole grains.

And, of course, no caffeinated beverages before bedtime. Replace coffee with a glass of nonfat yogurt.

Rule # 5. Cook low-calorie dishes

A light dinner doesn’t have to be tasteless.

Upgrade your culinary skills.

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