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Test yourself: named the five true signs of dependence on coffee

Проверьте себя: названы пять верных признаков зависимости от кофеIt turns out that coffee used as quickly as the alcohol.

In society hovers a lot of rumors and speculation about the coffee, its dangers, and even the development of dependence on this fragrant drink. Scientists have conducted a lot of research, which concludes that coffee causes the same powerful addiction as any narcotic substance, and refusal of it is accompanied by the single “brittle”.

The so-called coffee drinkers are not aware that has long since become dependent on coffee and now can’t stop to drink it. Doctors claim that getting rid of coffee addiction is possible, but you need to gradually reduce the dose and get used to some other beverage or food, which would act as a substitute.

On these signs you can determine if you have a dependence on coffee:

1. Swelling of the face. Few people know that excessive coffee drinking leads to dehydration. To understand a lot of you drink coffee, you can use mini-test in the morning after waking up to draw attention to your face, if it is “puffy”, and traces of pillows or blankets and under eye “bags” that you abuse coffee. The reason for this is the dependence. Doctors recommend to drink a day not more than 2 cups of coffee and after each of them to drink 0.5 l of plain water – this will prevent swelling.

2. Panic attack or increased anxiety. Coffee negatively affects the heart, bringing him to a state of permanent tension. Plus, coffee influences nervous system irritant, causing a person becomes overly emotional and excited. Such symptoms are indicative of a dependence on coffee, because those people who drink coffee only occasionally, less or not at all are under the negative influence of this beverage.

3. The reluctance to give up coffee. When a person says he just doesn’t want to stop drinking coffee, rather I’m talking about the fact that he was an addict and this drink is a drug. Without according to the person does not need to come up with reasons why he can’t live without coffee.

4. Frequent headaches. Very often the headache for dependent people who for some reason didn’t drink coffee. Headaches arise because of the deficiency of caffeine in the blood to which the body accustomed.

5. Problems with concentration of attention. Have kofeino-dependent person into a habit to drink a Cup of coffee for Breakfast, before starting work, an exam, an important interview, and so on. he does it in order to quickly concentrate and not fail. Not drinking coffee, dependent will want to sleep and not be able to show off their intellectual abilities. Most interesting is that over time, dependent on caffeine person will not feel the same rush of strength and energy as before, and he’ll need every time to increase the dose of coffee, but also as health problems this is no good will not result.

If you have the above symptoms manifest themselves depending on the coffee, then do not panic. You should contact a specialist that will help you easily and quickly get rid of the addiction without harm to the psyche and overall health.

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