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Ten signs of dehydration

Десять признаков обезвоживания организмаThe body gives warning signals that are dangerous to health.

A well-known fact that our body consists of 70% water. She participates in all the processes occurring in the body and its lack can negatively reflect on health, leading to failures at all levels. What are the early indications.

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With a lack of water slows down blood circulation and decreases blood
pressure. Accordingly, in muscle receives less oxygen and nutrients and there is a feeling of tiredness, weakness and aches in joints.

Dark urine

The rich color of urine is also one of the first tell that you are drinking enough water. When decreases blood pressure, kidneys try to retain fluid, instead of display it.

Sudden dizziness

If a sudden change in body position do you feel dizzy, do not hesitate to dehydration. This condition is called orthostatic hypotension, that is, under reduced pressure worsened blood flow to the brain.

Rapid pulse

As a result of lack of fluid in the body drastically decreases the levels of electrolytes, leading to spasms in the muscles of the cardiovascular system. This quickens the heartbeat and pulse rate.


The water in the body helps to regulate body temperature. If the liquid is not sufficient, the processes of thermoregulation are violated, worsening perspiration, with the result that there are overheating and heat stroke.


As already mentioned, the slowdown of blood circulation leads to deterioration in the supply of muscle nutrients they need in particular for the reduction. If nutrient reserves are drying up, cramps and accompanying pain.


Namely, constipation. Because water is essential to the intestines for proper elimination of digested food. With its lack of movement of intestinal tract slows down, and the stool becomes dry and hard.

Dry skin

Pinch your back of the palm. If the skin immediately returned to normal, with water levels in the body very well. When it is in deficit will take a few seconds to the skin is again smoothed. The thing is that along with reducing the fluid level in the body drops and the level of collagen and elastin, which are responsible for tissue elasticity.

Crying without tears

It is a sign of dehydration not only among children but also adults. The absence of tear fluid suggests that the body is not enough water dramatically. Along with this symptom also there is a feeling of sand in eyes and cramps.

Cracks on the lips

The appearance of cracks on the lips does not always mean that you aren’t good cosmetics, or that they winded. The skin on the lips is very thin and almost the first feels the lack of moisture all due to the fact of decreasing collagen and elastin. So before heading for a new lipstick, try to drink a couple of glasses of water more than usual.

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