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The current model of Paradise

On the one hand, Empire is a complex entity, which absorbed a huge number of tribes, foundations, structures, with another — is very simple. All the population of the Empire is divided into two unequal groups: the security forces and victims. The relationship between them is so essential that other …

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On the Russian market may remain only one Honda model

<tbody> </tbody>      SUV Honda Pilot will soon leave the Russian market because the Japanese company does not intend to renew expiring at the end of December approval of a vehicle type for this model. About it writes the edition citing two …

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What is the model of “reformed” Russia?

This question has long been can not occur not only true of the intellectual elite of Russia, but of every responsible adult citizen of Russia, able to reflect on the present and the future, not only his person, but their children and grandchildren. Paid “experts” and propagandists (special propaganda, by …

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What model used car is considered better than new?

Those cars that are corporations-giants are releasing today is a feat of engineering, safe, convenient, economical, beautiful appearance of the model. But they are not without drawbacks, and it’s not just about “biting” price. Technologically sophisticated new cars in practice often be more expensive to maintain and less reliable than …

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BMW updates the popular model

The M550i sedan receives an updated powertrain. The Bavarian company has announced the release of more powerful versions of BMW models M550i, reports the with reference to AvtoDream. The new BMW xDrive M550i will receive a 535-strong tuberously V8 engine , all-wheel drive system and optimized crankcase, a retuned …

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