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‘Cyberterrorist’ boasts about hacking Freedom Convoy fundraiser

A Canadian self-proclaimed ‘cyberterrorist’ boasted in a video this week about hacking fundraising platform GiveSendGo and releasing the details of those who donated to the protesting truckers in Ottawa. In a live TikTok meltdown, Aubrey ‘Kirtaner’ Cottle bragged about being behind the GiveSendGo hack and other hacks too, including those …

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Beijing blasts US as ‘empire of hacking & theft,’ rebuffs claims that China will exploit Pacific cable project for ‘espionage’

Addressing a letter penned by Republican Senators Marco Rubio (Florida) and Ted Cruz (Texas) warning of Beijing’s role in the project, obtained by Reuters on Wednesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said the charges were “pure slander” designed to “justify the wanton US suppression of hi-tech Chinese companies.” “The …

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Experts told about a new way of hacking MacBook

The new MacBook, you can remotely hack at first boot.Notebooks based on the macOS in enterprise networks can be hacked through the system’s mobile device management (MDM). Problem not the most simple to implement, however, according to the experts, who discovered the vulnerability, it is implemented for hackers working for …

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