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The excuse of a loser

Search other people’s failures and errors (often imaginary) sick society diligently suppresses have the least motivation to be better and something in themselves to overcome. One of the unpleasant features of the current Russian society — a passion to aggressive self-justification (it is highly encouraged by the propaganda on the …

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Favorite excuse mom became a new meme

The meme about homemade food not only hated mom. Joke refusal mom to stop at McDonald’s for a bite to eat, because “we have food at home,” evolved into a series of memes on the worst alternatives that you impose on others. Jokes about mother and meals at home have …

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In Russia found an excuse to invade Syria

LIH before the arrival of Russian troops took control of most of the Syrian territory Russia saw the threat from the militants of the “Islamic state” for its territory from Syria, so it was decided to send troops there. This was stated by the head of the Main operations Directorate …

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