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Bezos lands in west Texas desert after successful space flight

After briefly floating in space, the craft descended back to Earth, using parachutes to guide it back to the flat terrain of west Texas. Bezos was joined by his brother Mark, female aviation pioneer Wally Funk, and Oliver Daemen, an 18-year-old Dutch teenager whose wealthy father paid for an auctioned …

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China may be building more than 100 new nuclear missile silos in its western desert… but only in response to American aggression

Much has been said recently about an exclusive report published in the Washington Post analysing satellite imagery that purports to show China building intercontinental ballistic missiles in its northwestern province of Gansu, claiming that China is gearing up its ‘second-strike capability’ and in turn strengthening its nuclear arsenal.  The report …

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The new Mercedes-Benz GLS comes off in the desert

Pendant with the help of the stereo camera scans the road ahead. Mercedes-Benz has published a video about the GLS SUV new generation. The footage shows testing of the hydro-pneumatic suspension E-the Active Body Control in the desert. Pendant with the help of the stereo camera scans the road ahead, …

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In the Mexican desert filmed an unidentified creature

The witness got scared when I saw the disappearance of creatures in the sand. The world wide web extends the cryptic entry, received on 8 April this year, somewhere in the Mexican desert of Chihuahua. Amazing video shows a strange object similar to a serpentine creature with a large head. …

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Astronomers have found a “galactic desert”

The space contained an unusually few large, active galaxies. Observations of the oldest galaxies of the Universe have helped astrophysicists to open another “space desert” – a sphere with a diameter of approximately 500 million light-years away in the constellation of Pisces, almost completely devoid of stars. Photos of this …

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