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Expensive things that were found in the desert. Photo

Дорогие вещи, которые были найдены в пустыне. Фото It’s pretty rare.

At first glance, the desert can be a place where nothing happens and where you can get lost in the endless sand dunes. But some of the most spectacular treasures in the world was found in the desert. It’s like the universe is testing us by putting the most valuable things in the world in the most inhospitable areas. Only brave adventurers are able to uncover these treasures hidden deep in the sun-baked lands of the hottest deserts in the world.

Of course, not all treasure is what we expect. Some of the most valuable things on Earth are priceless because of their sentimental value. In the desert there were many ancient relics that no one wants, but invaluable for researchers and those who want to learn more about ancient civilizations. The desert in many ways are pure magic and they have all sorts of secrets to explore.

Дорогие вещи, которые были найдены в пустыне. Фото

1. A Prada store in the middle of the desert.

One thing you definitely don’t expect to find in the desert is a Prada store. Luxury fashion brand is famous for the fact that it is one of the most elite and most expensive labels in the world, and those who passed by, must have experienced problems with their eyes when they saw this lone shop in the middle of the desert. It is located in the desert in Texas, and it’s not a real store per se. It’s actually an art installment, although it has the actual Prada goods. These “treasures” have actually been robbed only the day after it was installed so-called sculpture.

Дорогие вещи, которые были найдены в пустыне. Фото

2. Very rare video games.

For some strange, unknown reason, a huge number of rare Atari games were found buried in the middle of the desert in new Mexico. It was still 1980, and it was due to financial problems for the company Atari. Today, many believe that these video games are rare collectible items.

Дорогие вещи, которые были найдены в пустыне. Фото

3. A fully functioning pool.

Artists seem to like to build a fancy art installations and sculptures in the desert, and one example of this is the technologically advanced swimming pool located somewhere in the middle of the Mojave desert. It was built by the Austrian artist, and the pool is actually incredibly developed, with cool water and all the features you expect from a pool in the mansion of a millionaire.

Дорогие вещи, которые были найдены в пустыне. Фото

4. The Libyan glass is the rarest mineral known to man.

Now let’s move on to this treasure. In the deserts of Libya, there is a lone site where you can find one of the rarest minerals. It is known as Libyan glass, and this is one of the real pearls of the desert. Although gold, silver and even diamonds are fairly common on Geology, Libyan glass is extremely rare. It is usually classified as a fiber, and it can occur naturally due to lightning strikes, volcanic activity or meteor strikes. But it is strange that no one knows how the glass was formed, and this is one of the greatest mysteries in the scientific world. The ancient Egyptians used it for decorating because they recognized its value. There are many strange theories about how the glass was formed.

Дорогие вещи, которые были найдены в пустыне. Фото

5. The fleet of aircraft.

The fighters — some of the most expensive pieces of military equipment known to man. For many years, the technology of fighter jets steadily improved, but even a few decades ago were in service a very modern aircraft. During the invasion of Iraq, US forces found one of the most valuable treasures found in any desert — the entire fleet of the advanced MiG fighter jets that were hidden.

Дорогие вещи, которые были найдены в пустыне. Фото

6. The Dead sea scrolls.

Some treasures are not valuable as gold or diamonds, but more valuable to humanity as a whole. Sometimes historical discoveries are priceless, and they are the most valuable treasure ever found in the desert. The Dead sea scrolls may have been one of the most important treasures ever found in the wilderness, and they were found in cave systems in Israel. Parchments, which for thousands of years, contain some of the earliest text fragments that also occur in the Hebrew Bible and other prominent religious texts. To say that the Dead sea Scrolls are worth nothing, it would be a huge understatement.

Дорогие вещи, которые были найдены в пустыне. Фото

7. A cylinder seal.

Speaking of antiquities, there are many invaluable items that found their way on the black market, and they were also found in the deserts of the Middle East. Some of the most popular items for collectors that you can buy on the black market, is a cylindrical printing. These beautiful cylinders have an awesome design on them, and they can create beautiful prints when they touch clay. In ancient times, the Sumerians and Mesopotamians these cylindrical seals used as a seal of the kings, and they were worn around the neck like jewelry.

Дорогие вещи, которые были найдены в пустыне. Фото

8. The sodium tetraborate.

In addition to the specific treasures found in the desert, there are many minerals that can be found in these dry places, which are very expensive. According to Geological service of the United States, one of the most valuable minerals that we can find in the desert is sodium tetraborate. Boron is an important component for glass production, agricultural chemicals, pharmaceuticals and many other products. According to the USGS, this means that the total amount of tetraborate produced only from lake Serles is more than $ 1 billion. There are those who believe that trading brown is more profitable than gold mining.

Дорогие вещи, которые были найдены в пустыне. Фото

9. The gold Deposit.

Of course, we just had to mention gold, which is a very valuable mineral found in the deserts around the world. Gold rush may be over, but there are still many gold mines, which are very active in these dry places around the world. Gold is mainly found in large quantities in the Australian deserts, which are also known as “Outback”, but gold is also found in deserts throughout the United States, and people can still find gold deposits in the middle of the deserts of today, if they’re lucky.

Дорогие вещи, которые были найдены в пустыне. Фото

10. Silver deposits.

Silver is not as valuable as gold, but it is definitely a precious metal that is very well mined in the desert areas. In 1859 in Nevada was discovered a huge silver Deposit, which made the United States very rich. This brought a total of $ 225 million of silver, which was a huge sum. This has helped to make America rich, and it is also ensured that America has become a silver producer number one before they were overtaken Mexico and Peru.

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