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In the Mexican desert filmed an unidentified creature

The witness got scared when I saw the disappearance of creatures in the sand.

The world wide web extends the cryptic entry, received on 8 April this year, somewhere in the Mexican desert of Chihuahua. Amazing video shows a strange object similar to a serpentine creature with a large head.

It is reported that an eyewitness has removed on a mobile phone Sands and accidentally noticed this anomaly. Mexican so scared by what he saw that immediately shrunk away, not wishing to get a better look and even better to capture the phenomenon.

Many ufologists, conspiracy theorists, and ordinary people felt that the statement came across in the desert by a representative of an extraterrestrial civilization. The alleged alien visibly moving on the record, like the bow on the sand, so the version of the living substance of unknown nature was very popular among the regulars Network. According to some commentators, on the territory of the Chihuahua may have recently broken the aircraft “little green men”.

However, there is another view: it is the unknown creature, a mysterious denizen of the desert, like Bigfoot, for example. Where did all these creatures come from, nobody knows, but they constantly meet people, and for centuries, and now get to live.

So a Mexican did the sensible thing when seeing it is Something that just ran. He did not do it, perhaps, no video would not have happened on the Internet. Except few cases, when people disappear without a trace?..

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