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Study reveals which alcoholic drink is best at preventing Covid

A team of Chinese scientists has analyzed the association between consumption of various alcoholic beverages and Covid-related risks, bringing some exciting news for wine lovers and disappointment for beer fans. The researchers, from Shenzhen Kangning Hospital and Southwest Hospital, reviewed 473,957 subjects with an average age of 69 from the …

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The British called the most favorite alcoholic beverage

This year favorite drink of the British steel gin, whiskey and vodka. This is evidenced by research conducted by the trade Association wine and alcohol, So, according to the study, 29% of respondents gave preference gene. These indicators allowed Gina to “move” from the third position to the first position …

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Named the best alcoholic tinctures for colds

These tinctures are not less effective, than popular drugs. Opponents of alcohol, these recipes don’t need, and all those who care about their health and want to recover faster, they will. Of course, to use these infusions for the treatment of colds in children is strictly prohibited. These bitters will …

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Harmless alcoholic beverages for those who are on a diet

New year’s eve stop the choice on them. The Christmas holidays can not do without alcohol. Cheerful feast has to drink spirits. But sometimes in the festive euphoria is difficult to control the amount of alcohol consumed and not to try different alcoholic drinks. Not surprisingly, the morning after the …

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The most harmful alcoholic drink

The most harmful alcoholic drink was vodka, beer or whiskey and energy drinks containing alcohol.Researchers at the University of Victoria analyzed data from people who drink alcoholic energy drinks and alcoholic beverages in its purest form. Those who give the advantage to the first – often complain of problems with …

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