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Named the best alcoholic tinctures for colds

Названы лучшие спиртовые настойки от простудыThese tinctures are not less effective, than popular drugs.

Opponents of alcohol, these recipes don’t need, and all those who care about their health and want to recover faster, they will. Of course, to use these infusions for the treatment of colds in children is strictly prohibited.

These bitters will cure you of your cold symptoms:

Royal. The secret of cooking: in a half-liter bottle of vodka to put two red chili pepper and a tablespoon of cumin. Close the lid, shake, and hide in a dark place for 7 days. To take for symptoms of colds, a teaspoon of tincture, diluted in a Cup of warm black tea with honey.

Garlic. Recipe: the garlic crushed in a mortar and pour 150 ml of vodka, mix and place in a dark place to infuse. Take a few drops 2-3 times daily diluted in water or drinking it infusion.

Propolis. In a jar pour 200 ml of 70% alcohol and placed in a 15-gram piece of propolis. Close the lid and carefully trotted to the Bank. To put on a week in a dark place in order to the infusion has gained all its useful properties. Make this: one-third of a Cup of water to pour half a teaspoon tincture and drink, repeat 2 times a day.

Crimson. You will need half a kilo of frozen raspberries and the same of sugar, and 0.7 l of vodka. First you need to fill the berries with the sugar and mix all and then pour the vodka. Tincture will be ready already in three weeks. Permitted to prevent colds drink 30-50 ml a day, and if you’re already sick, take 10 ml several times a day.

Honey. Pour into a small pan with 50 ml of vodka and lime honey, simmer on a slow fire, but do not bring to a boil. Then pour the mixture into a glass, let cool slightly and drink in small SIPS.

As preparation of a particular tincture takes time, you can prepare one in advance, especially because in winter the risk of catching a cold or virus multiplies and similar medicine on alcohol will come in handy at any time. By the way, these recipes you can use as the prevention of colds and viral diseases.

Despite the effectiveness of cough and cold alcohol tincture, at the first symptoms of seasonal disease should consult a physician, because a common cold can be treated at home, but the flu or rotavirus infection are best left to doctors.

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