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“Putin is forced to come up with all these excuses of an alcoholic”

"Путин вынужден придумывать все эти отговорки алкоголика"

“The funniest way to hide a transparent plan of Putin sitting in the Kremlin until the end of life is the one who chose Putin himself. Like, of course he will go – but if everyone will know that he is leaving, nobody will work and everyone will fight for his place. So please vote for Putin’s lifetime presidency – because once you give him the opportunity to rule forever, he will leave”, writes the sociologist on his page in Facebook.

“Watch the hands: so the problem, according to Putin, that everyone will know that he will leave. So he changes the Constitution so that no one had guessed. It is reported publicly that all this is just for the sake of no one had guessed.

Now everyone knows that Putin will actually go, but the Constitution changed just so no one guessed. You have not forgotten, what was the problem?

But then who are those people for whom changing the Constitution? Who are those citizens who should know that Putin will leave, but at the same time not to know that? Who are these virtuosos, in whose head exists Putin Schrodinger: he also goes and does not go away? Typed does our country have enough people with severe personality disorder, so for them it made sense to change the Constitution?

The truth is that Putin is forced to come up with all these excuses of an alcoholic, because the idea of life-long rule unpopular in Russia, and the farther, the more rejection it will cause. So he tries to hide a life presidency in the other amendments, and insists that the last bottle he must drink in order to decisively engage”.



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