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Countries accelerate shift away from US dollar

The holdings of gold in the foreign exchange reserves of the central banks have been growing worldwide, hitting a 31-year high this year. At the same time, US dollar holdings have been dropping. According to the World Gold Council, the banks have built up their stockpile by more than 4,500 …

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Poverty is rising fast, but it’s part of a decades-long project which the lockdowns of 2020 will only accelerate

Don’t say you weren’t warned. While ‘centrist’ neo-liberals and faux-progressives lauded turbo-globalisation in the nineties, one ‘insider’ Sir James ‘Jimmy’ Goldsmith – a billionaire financier who never indulged in groupthink – told us that it wouldn’t end well. In his books The Trap and The Response, Goldsmith predicted that GATT and …

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Seven rules: how to accelerate muscle growth

Muscle growth – the process is not complicated. But to start muscle growth you need to have some knowledge about human physiology. I’m not going to delve deeply into science. I’ll just tell you how to make your muscles grow rapidly. Before you go to the gym, you should clearly …

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A new diet that will help “accelerate” your metabolism

Start losing weight today. This is the most delicious and not hungry menu in the world. MondaySet of products: boiled chicken fillet, apples, oranges, low-fat cottage cheese, low-fat yogurt, 1 serving of oatmeal. TuesdaySet of products: 1 serving of buckwheat cereal, grapefruit, meat, steamed, 1 Cup of low-fat yogurt, prunes, …

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