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Soon the New year: the doctors told us about the benefits of pine in the house

Скоро Новый год: врачи рассказали о пользе сосны в доме It is important to know.

Already in the air frosty freshness. The new year slowly begins to knock at the door.

Starts pre-holiday bustle: someone buys the gifts and surprises are discussed menus, supermarkets are full of Christmas tinsel, and only have to buy and install a Christmas tree. Of these options has artificial Christmas trees, but they collect dust, which is highly undesirable for small children, as for adults (though an Amateur). It is much nicer to behold real beauty, to feel the fresh smell of pine needles and completely feel the arrival of the New year.

How useful pine in the house?

Pine, according to ancient legends, is a symbol of rebirth and continuation of life. And rightly so. When we put her in the house, along with a tree “fly” volatile phytoncides which disinfect the air and improve the immune system.

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In the composition are pine essential oil (about 0.36 percent), which is oxidized by oxygen in the air produce any ozone, and he, in turn, revitalizes the body and relieves fatigue. Also volatile kill germs and bacteria, so the Christmas celebrations you should not be afraid to catch a cold: after all, your home is the guardian of health who kills their properties of disease-causing microbes.

Volatile pine useful for people with problems of the respiratory system, and they are struggling with the causative agents of tuberculosis and pertussis wand.

His writings, Hippocrates described how pine has a beneficial effect on the human body: the ointment of the resin was healed wounds, the tincture of the cones helped with the cough and pains in the stomach, and pine oil with hair loss.

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The smell of pine needles acts on the body soothingly, like the antidepressant – out irritability, aggression, panic attacks, and in its place comes peace of mind and good mood. It’s no wonder experts in the treatment of depression together with medicines prescribe a soothing bath with pine extract.

But, the more you will grow trees such as spruce, pine, cedar, etc. we will be protected from environmental disasters. We all know how children and adults that trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen and reduce air pollution.

Therefore, we recommend to buy the version of pine in a pot to the spring to plant them in the forest or around the house. And besides, the felled pines are short-lived: after 5-6 days start to turn yellow and dry.

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