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Six reasons there are raisins in the morning

Шесть причин есть изюм по утрамThe raisins help in curing anaemia.

Raisins not only is an excellent remedy against constipation. This might be hard to believe, but this dried fruit is a real storehouse of useful properties.

Dried fruits, including figs and dates, are subjected to the complicated process of removing the liquid in which the fruits lose water, but retain all the nutrients.

Only one of their dark color tells us how much energy and antioxidants contained in the pulp of this sweet delicacy.

Dried fruits should be eaten in moderation. This is best done in the morning. In this case, they bring the maximum benefit to our body.

Nutritionists shared 6 reasons to eat daily for Breakfast raisins.

1. Raisins lowers blood pressure

Did you know that raisins lower blood pressure and cares about the health of our heart?

It should be borne in mind that these fruits contain glucose. It is an established fact.

This means that the raisins need to eat regularly, but always in moderation.

So, 1 handful of raisins a day (about 25 g) contains a sufficient amount of potassium needed to lower the tension of blood vessels and reduce blood pressure.

It contained the dietary fiber takes care of the biochemistry of blood vessels, restoring elasticity.

Oatmeal with raisins in the morning will allow you properly take care of the health of the cardiovascular system.

2. Has a high energy value and helps to treat anemia.

A raisin has a high iron content. This makes it an effective tool for the treatment of anemia.

Also, these fruits contain vitamins necessary for creating new blood cells.

Contained large quantities of copper are also involved in the creation of new red blood cells.

Never forget that a good Breakfast should fill our body with energy.

Raisins contain high amounts of carbohydrates. Therefore, consumption of this dried fruit for Breakfast allows us to avoid the classic energy dips in the afternoon.

3. Helps to cleanse the body

Another interesting alternative is the use of raisins with the health benefits is to soak the dried fruits overnight and in the morning drink the liquid.

Although the human body is able to cleanse yourself, we can provide him great support. It is recommended to use natural remedies that improve the functioning of the liver and kidneys.

Try to soak the raisins and drink the resulting liquid.

A positive result is guaranteed.

4. Say goodbye to constipation

Raisins contain insoluble fiber. This means that it increases in size when we eat.

This natural process stimulates the peristalsis of our intestines, cleanses it and promotes the excretion of feces.

When we are concerned about diarrhoea, contained in the raisins fiber absorb any excess liquid. It helps to cope with the problem. The raisins nourish our bodies, not least for people weakened from the diarrhea.

5. Lets you take care of the bones in the morning

Surely you will be useful to know what raisins are, like figs, contains large amounts of calcium.

Add a handful of raisins natural yogurt and you get a perfect dish of calcium for health bones.

Raisins is one of the best sources of boron. This trace mineral is also essential for human health.

So, boron is involved in bone formation, and thanks to him our body much better absorb calcium.

On the other hand raisins contains large amounts of potassium.

Potassium — a nutrient essential for the human body. It protects us against osteoporosis and degenerative changes in the joints associated with age.

6. Alkalizes our body

When the pH balance of the body becomes acidic, the person can bother skin problems and acne.

An acidic environment adversely affects our internal organs.

This can aggravate arthritis and increase the amount of uric acid. Acidic environment increases the risk of developing kidney stones and increase the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Eating a handful of raisins for Breakfast allows you to fill the shortage of potassium and magnesium.

These two minerals act as agents to neutralize harmful acidic environment, omelicheva our body.

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