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Seven reasons to include in the diet beets

Семь причин включить в рацион свеклуAbout the benefits of beets in food for the whole family our ancestors knew since time immemorial.

And so it’s always stocked in the cellars of this useful vegetable. Modern scientists confirm the speculation grandmothers and referred to the unique qualities of the beets. Let’s talk about the benefits of beets in the diet of women. After all, for the beautiful half of humanity from beet in store special qualities..

Beetroot helps to lose weight

The beet diet is recognized by all nutritionists the world one of the most effective, and safe for health. And all because beetroot contains a lot of fiber and beaten — biologically active substances that helps the complete assimilation of the protein. So most of the beet diet is built on the Duo’s meat-beet. That is, first it is recommended to eat some beets, and then slice meat. The feeling of fullness when this occurs very quickly, and the caloric content of the dinner is minimal.

Beets – girlfriend pregnant

The undoubted benefits of beets for pregnant women: this vegetable a lot of folic acid, which is the guardian of the proper development of the child.

Beet is very useful during menstruation

Beetroot contains lot of iron which is very handy in the background albeit small, but still blood loss during menstruation. Besides, beet contains substances that have antispasmodic qualities. It helps with pain during menstruation.

Beetroot restores the intestinal microflora

Regular consumption of beet are shown with chronic intestinal dysbiosis. Especially good for these purposes beet juice. It not only helps to restore healthy intestinal flora, but also binds toxins. Two or three spoonfuls of beet, eaten after this is enough to contained in the beet fiber is “picked up” these toxins and take them out. Fresh complexion and disappearance of acne (often the result of slagging of the intestine) — a pleasant result of beet sokoterapii.

Beet cleans and strengthens blood vessels

Vitamins a, C and flavonoids in the beets strengthen the capillary tissue. Therefore, the benefits of beets are not tired of talking to ophthalmologists, strongly recommending it as a prophylactic against cataracts. As well – as support people, work with computer. Vitamin P, contained in beets, has a beneficial effect on the circulatory system, improving the elasticity of blood vessels, which have tremendous load during pregnancy.

Visit a beautician for any woman – the procedure is not only cosmetic, but also anti-stress. Alas, this is not always enough time. Therefore, it should not shy away from beets, as unworthy of replacing the beautician. Try Facials on the basis of beet or beet juice. Boiled beets can be mixed with egg yolk and thus obtain a mask for dry skin. In the presence of inflammation on the face helps mask with beet juice and raw grated potatoes. This mask is washed off with warm milk.

Beetroot restores Shine to hair

The benefits of beets on this side is little known. But try at least once to mix fresh carrot juice and beet juice apply this on clean hair, wrap in cellophane and gently warm it using a Hairdryer. And then leave the mask for 30 minutes. Keep in mind that this mask is a little hair dye. Therefore, it is good for brunettes – their hair is amazing-beautiful color and Shine.

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