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Self-care: how to eat women after 30

Уход за собой: как правильно питаться женщинам после 30So, according to experts, changes with age metabolism.

With age, all people, changes the metabolism.

Especially gentle on these changes reacts in the female body. To not have gravity, stomach problems, and skin should reconsider your daily diet. Eat more nutritious and healthy products that will fight aging.

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White bread and sugar
After 30 years, you should reduce the consumption of sugar.

An expert in nutrition Lisa Davis says that sugar is the main enemy of the youth. It promotes inflammation, damages the collagen fibers and elastin, which keep skin firm and elastic.

It also emphasizes that you should limit the consumption of white bread, which has no benefits for the body.

Diet drinks
Diet drinks are very unhealthy. According to nutritionist and chef, Tris Williams, that diet drinks are the main enemy of women after 30 years.

They cause cancer and cause the body to experience stress. Consuming this drink, the brain perceives it as sweet, and then produces insulin to convert sugar, which in reality is not.

Condiments and sauces
Nutritionists and dermatologists suggest not to eat ketchup and mayonnaise. Also carefully choose condiments. They often add flavor enhancers and artificial flavors that are harmful to health.

Experts recommend replacing sauces and seasonings organic spices. Useful cumin and turmeric. They are anti-inflammatory and improves digestion.

Expert in healthy diet Liana Werner-gray says that after 30 years, women need to reduce the consumption of gluten, and therefore completely exclude the pasta.

Finished confectionery
From the store of confectionery products it is necessary to refuse anyone who cares about their health. They contain TRANS-fats, which gradually ages the body.

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