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Scientists predict a new ice age in the near future

Ученые прогнозируют новый ледниковый период уже в ближайшее времяBritish climatologists say that in ten years due to global warming on Earth will begin a new ice age.

According to a recent study, such huge changes in climate will be associated with the decline in solar activity.

Scientists say that in the coming years, solar activity will begin to decline sharply, and global warming will change more large-scale cold. The prediction was made by climate scientists on the basis of a mathematical model that takes into account all the processes occurring in the Sun. The researchers note that over the past few decades the Sun has become much smaller spots, and these processes indicate the beginning of the ice age. According to climatologists, the last time the mini ice age was on Earth in the early seventeenth century.

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Then, European countries were struck by bad weather in the winter months the temperature drops to critical levels. For a few years because the frost killed millions of people. About the same climate as predicted by climate scientists, is waiting for us in ten years, but the ice age will last very long, and the summer months will still be warm.

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