Friday , January 22 2021
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Researchers have learned to predict death

Fly helped scientists to predict the death.To find molecular markers that predict death, succeeded in fruit flies Drosophila. Scientists from the University of Auckland studied the daily rhythms of life flies and found molecular markers that can predict the death of Drosophila. Data were published in the journal Scientific Reports. …

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Found a way to predict death

Experts examined the work of two genes. New Zealand scientists have learned to predict the death of fruit flies Drosophila melanogaster-related circadian rhythms of molecular markers. Experts from the University of Auckland is interested in the functioning of systems of fruit flies, which are responsible for circadian rhythms associated with …

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Groundwater one can predict the future – scientists

Developed a unique methodologyExperts from Michigan state University said that the flow of groundwater can predict what the current and future state of the ecosystem, if used as unique method. The watershed also previously did time-consuming fence, but he, according to experts, are clear and comprehensive picture of what is …

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Robots will be able to predict the future

The camera of the robot to calculate the possible sequence of actions, but so far, however, only a few seconds ahead.At the moment, no matter how capable nor was the robotic mechanism, it in most cases operates according to pre-defined algorithms (or not controlled) and cannot foresee the consequences of …

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