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Scientists made an unexpected discovery about snakes.

Ученые сделали неожиданное открытие о змеяхSnakes, too, can hunt in packs.

Examples of collective action in nature you can find many. The most striking, the hunt of the wolf pack or lion pride. It is known that to combine efforts for a common result fish and birds, but not reptiles, are still considered scientists.

This misconception was disproved recently, the American zoologist Vladimir Dinets, who managed to observe the coordinated hunting of nine Boas – reptiles in length from one to two meters.

Scientist noticed that reptiles are hunted daily in one of the caves on the territory of the Cuban national Park, where mass hiding bats. It turned out that a boa constrictor crawling by a few individuals at the same time to the morning and evening flight of a production that clearly took up positions near the entrance and distributed the sectors of the attack.

According to biologists, the beast somehow understood that by joining forces, they will have a better chance of a successful hunt. Studies have shown that fishing bats reptiles only had to spend from 7 to 19 minutes. And no collective hunting was unsuccessful.

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