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Scientists made a big discovery in Antarctica

Ученые сделали грандиозное открытие в АнтарктидеSummer on the continent there is a lot of water.

Scientists from Columbia University reported that global warming led to the formation on the surface of Antarctica, a network of waterfalls, lakes and rivers. Earlier, on the surface of the southern continent melt flows are extremely rare.

These articles about climate change published in the journal Nature.

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An international group of scientists showed a video in which the waters of the southern rivers flow into the ocean with a 130-meter-high glacier. Video posted on YouTube. According to experts, this process retains the cap of Antarctica, but it increases the level of the World ocean.

Contrary to all calculations, the sixth continent in summer is covered with a network of a plurality of connected reservoirs, floods of melted water, and this might explain oddities in the formation of local icebergs.

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